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Prepare your school for the changing world with itslearning

itslearning is an innovative digital platform designed to help New Zealand schools navigate the changing landscape of modern education. Capable of delivering curriculum using either traditional or modern pedagogical approaches, itslearning empowers teachers to provide cleaner structure, sequence and scope to their students. The platform is fully customisable and can be measured against many of your school’s strategic goals.

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Pedagogy should lead technology. An LMS that fully supports academic goals allows educators and administrators to prepare students and professionals for future education and career success.

What is a learning management system and why do you need one?

A learning management system or LMS provides schools with a user-friendly online learning environment for teachers, students, IT administrators and families. The systems are designed to support teachers to deliver better learning for their students.

While an LMS offers a range of digital tools to support curriculum management, lesson planning, assessments, professional development and more, the main aim is to create efficiencies that give teachers more time with their students and helps a school to function better than before.

Integrate with Microsoft 365, G-Suite & cloud apps

The itslearning learning management system (LMS) has increased integration to popular cloud apps like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Google G-Suite and KAMAR, enabling users to more easily add cloud files from these platforms into courses, assignments, the itslearning library and other features within the LMS.
Our KAMAR integration automates repetitive processes

Our KAMAR integration automates the setup of all courses, groups, enrolments and defines roles.
Any changes you make to KAMAR on a day to day basis are managed via the integration.

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Choosing and planning for an LMS 

A learning management system (LMS) provides the framework for a streamlined online environment, so it is important that you select a solution that best fits your school network’s digital learning requirements and goals. Our decision guide will help you understand how to differentiate, select, and implement the right LMS for your organisation.

Challenging times call for creative solutions

Who would have thought our lives would change so drastically? Since 2020, we have all had to cope with a huge amount of change. Our schools, teachers and students have been at the frontline. Investing in a flexible digital platform like itslearning delivers a sustainable solution that provides certainty, should another curveball come our way.

Once up and running, itslearning helps to reduce stress and save time, with smart, intuitive teaching and learning tools all on one platform.

Aligned to the strategic goals of your school

The itslearning platform can be fully tailored to the needs and goals of your school. Share your five-year strategic plan with the itslearning team, along with any specific targets and objectives, and the learning management system will be customised to support your vision, your school, teachers and students, and your community.

Book a time to discuss how itslearning can help you achieve the strategic goals of your school.

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Built to empower teaching & learning

From planning to teaching, reflecting and reporting, and everything in between, itslearning has been designed to work with proven learning strategies that support teachers and students in their learning journeys.

Whether your pedagogical focus is traditional, modern, a mix of the two, or you’re in a transitional phase, itslearning has the flexibility to support however your school chooses to deliver teaching and learning.

  • Dynamically map activities against Learning Objectives and the curriculum
  • Match materials to different groups of students
  • Store all your resources in itslearning
  • Connect individual learning plans to the curriculum
  • Create plans for single lessons, individual students or courses
  • Use project and Collaboration
  • Tools so students can work together effectively
  • Use Social Media Tools in a safe school environment
  • Motivate students with educational tools and personalised teaching strategies
  • Use third-party applications and multimedia resources
  • Use your favourite Web resources and applications
  • Tailer assignments for different learning styles
  • Re-use content made by other teachers
  • Map student performance to Individual Learning Plans and curriculum
  • Use tools for formative and summative Assessment
  • Give immediate feedback to individuals and groups
  • Communicate with your students anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Use self-assessment tools with your students
  • Use ePortfolios and blogs to encourage student ownership
  • Document students’ progress, goals and achievements
  • Create dynamic improvement plans for individual students
  • Visualise learning outcomes for individuals and groups
  • Make reports available to stakeholders with one click
  • Use custom reports to analyse student or group data and performance
  • Collate reports to support planning
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Financial support to deliver itslearning

We understand how tough it can be for schools to reach all the financial goals and aspirations you have for your learning community. That’s why we’ve partnered with Equico finance to make it easier to manage the costs associated with making the shift to itslearning. For a confidential chat about how we can make the numbers work for you, get in touch today.

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Why itslearning LMS?

With a natural shift towards digital teaching and e-learning, learning management systems are a vital component of any successful learning environment. itslearning stays ahead of the curve with a flexible and smart platform that allows schools to stay focused on education and not distracted by technology.
Purpose built for education and customised for New Zealand schools, itslearning is an intuitive system that delivers more to students and teachers. It encourages students to be the owners of their learning and the platform can be tailored to basic or advanced functions, depending on the needs of your school and the skill levels of your teachers.






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VIDEO CASE STUDY: Making a real difference at Ellesmere College

Ellesmere College is a forward-thinking high school, based in Canterbury who have established itslearning as part of their toolkit. They are noticing its benefits for teachers, students, and the wider school community.
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How will itslearning benefit your school?

A robust and stable platform, itslearning provides schools with everything they need to deliver blended and hybrid learning successfully.
Align itslearning to your annual and 5-year strategic goals
Full integration with Google and Office365 gives access to familiar tools in a superior learning management system; the best of both worlds
Multi-teacher and cross-curricular courses that are simple to create and manage
KAMAR integrations that automate course and enrolment setup throughout the year
Customisable rubrics that support NAME, NCEA, SOLO and other NZ assessment methods
Course planners that empower teachers to deliver structure, sequence and scope to students
Individual learning plans to support student interests, learning styles and competencies
Hybrid learning management using tools that keep students engaged and on task, in and out of the classroom
Student reflection and dispositional skills development through self and peer review
Dedicated parent app to share everyday information, upcoming work, homework, communication and feedback.

Local, personalised support

The New Zealand-based team at itslearning provides ongoing personalised support to its schools. On the ground when you need them, they’ll answer questions, make recommendations and further tailor the platform to your changing needs.

Ministry of Education funding

itslearning and GCT Education are accredited Ministry of Education Professional Learning Development facilitators.

Ask us about MoE funded PLD to help integrate itslearning into your school.

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